When you create a token at, you may customize your token however you choose. Here are some of your options:

Stock Designs

Choose from one of our 15 stock designs, with the option to customize the text if desired.

Custom Artwork

We will accept artwork in many different formats. For best results, we recommend using the art template below.

Download art template (EPS, 1.66MB)
Requires Adobe Illustrator or a similar vector-based program.

Download Art Specifications (PDF, 748KB)

Text Only

You can enter the text you'd like us to place on your token. You'll receive a PDF proof before we print the tokens, so that you have the opportunity to see how it's laid out.

Reorders: Reorders (color change allowed) ship within 5 business days after order is placed, New orders ship within 10 business days after proof is approved. Reorders with art changes will be treated as a new order requiring a proof approval

Proofing: Please allow 2-4 business days to receive a proof via email. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 8am to 4pm CST.

Minimum order requirements: $70.00 & 125 qty per token.

Please note: We do not produce numbered tokens or punch holes in tokens.